National Licensing Week

To raise awareness generally about licensing, the Institute of Licensing  established an annual licensing awareness week in 2016.   National Licensing Week is now in its 3rd year and we are seeing more and more participation with organisations taking the opportunity to promote their work and the role that licensing plays.

#NLW2018 will take place from 18th-22nd June 2018, and will be another great opportunity for various organisations at national and local level to help to raise awareness of licensing and its impact on everyday lives.  

The work that goes on behind the scenes by licensees, operators and regulators is often invisible to the public until something goes wrong. NLW is a chance to change that and raise awareness across the country.

It's a chance to "shout out" about the work you do on a daily basis and also a chance to celebrate and promote partnership working. 

The underlying message of the initiative is that "licensing is everywhere", we will be using daily themes to demonstrate how licensing effects our daily lives:

Licensing affects everyone, every day.  National Licensing Week is an opportunity to raise awareness with the public - do they know that licensing matters whether they are jumping into a taxi, eating from a street trader, buying a pint or glass of wine,  getting a tattoo, piercing or massage, buying a pet, gambling or giving to charity, camping, getting rid of scrap metal to visiting a casino or a strip club, partying at a festival or going to a night club, theatre or museum.

Let’s raise awareness together - everyone should know and understand the role that licensing plays in everyday lives!