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National Licensing Week (NLW) 2019 will run this year between 17 and 21 June 2019, organised and promoted as usual by the IoL.

National Licensing Week 2019

National Licensing Week will take place from Monday 17 June to Friday 21 June 2019, Stockton Council’s Licensing Officers raised awareness of the impact licensing has. 

This coming week is National Licensing Week (Monday, June 17 to Friday, June 21) with additional licensing activities in Tenby, and the rest of the county highlighting the importance of licensing and regulation for the safety and prosperity of all.

Event organisers that develop positive partnerships with local agencies and community groups are more likely to identify issues that might hinder the successful staging of their event in advance and secure a licence allowing them to operate.

It’s well known that regular contact with vulnerable people comes hand in hand with managing a licensed venue. Many factors contribute to a customer becoming vulnerable, from lowered inhibition and impaired judgment, to spiked drinks and being left alone.