Licensing Week Blogs

A Saturday Evening on Shift with Lincolnshire Police

After 30 years in the pub & club trade and 12 years as a specialist licensing consultant, I was interested to spend an evening with Lincolnshire Police to see and experience some of the effects of alcohol in the evening economy. I shared a night shift on a Saturday night in June with an officer on patrol in the city of Lincoln as an observer.

My brief was to arrive at the West Parade Police Station at 2130hrs to be introduced to PC Joe Clear who I joined for the evening for his shift.

Street Pastors and Prayer Pastors - Valletta Jeremiah

Well hello friends. I hope you have all had a good year. The time goes so fast for me I don’t know about you.

Since my little write up last year telling you about Street Pastors, I thought I would fill you in on how things are going on in the Town Centre of Cwmbran.

For those of you who don’t know anything about Street Pastors, we are a group of Christians from different churches in Cwmbran who patrol the town centre on a Friday night, or any other night if there is anything different going on in town where there may be more people around.