Greater Manchester Working Together

Greater Manchester Working Together

The ten Greater Manchester Councils are working together with Transport for Greater Manchester to improve air quality and introduce new minimum standards for taxi licensing.

Around 32 million trips are made in taxis and private hire vehicles in Greater Manchester each year. It’s an important way for many people to travel around the city region.

There are around 2,000 hackney carriages and over 14,000 private hire vehicles licensed by the ten Greater Manchester authorities.

That’s why the ten Greater Manchester authorities and Transport for Greater Manchester are working together to make sure every journey meets the same high standard.

We want to make sure that anyone licensed within Greater Manchester who drives or operates a taxi or private hire vehicle meets the same high standards, and we have developed proposals for minimum licensing standards.

The proposed minimum licensing standards are an essential part of the GM Clean Air Plan Proposals to tackle air pollution across the region.

As well as this, we hope that these proposals will allow any person using a Greater Manchester licensed vehicle to trust its driver, be assured the vehicle is safe, and not contributing to poor air quality. They will also be able to trust that any Greater Manchester licensed operator who they book a journey with will hold their information safely and it will not be misused.

Watch out for the proposals to be communicated in the next few weeks and join in the Clean air conversation if you live in the city region at

John Garforth, JP, MIOL

Trading Standards & Licensing Manager

Oldham Council