Police's new county licensing officer highlights 'National Licensing Week'

This coming week is National Licensing Week (Monday, June 17 to Friday, June 21) with additional licensing activities in Tenby, and the rest of the county highlighting the importance of licensing and regulation for the safety and prosperity of all.

Dyfed Powys-Police’s new county licensing officer Nigel Lewis who recently gained his Professional Licensing Practitioners Qualification (PLPQ) along with the Neighbourhood Policing Teams in the area, will be raising awareness of licensing and its important role in our everyday lives.

“I will be proactive around the county out on patrols working with Pembrokeshire County Council officers and also the town council in Tenby to try and educate and enforce,” he explained.

Nigel along with officers will be looking at issues concerning licensed premises, street traders, service providers and taxi licensing, and enforce where appropriate, any infringements of the relevant legislation.

Part of the week will focus on licensing’s role in Tourism and Leisure.

The work that goes on behind the scenes by licensees, operators and regulators is often invisible to the public until something goes wrong. National Licensing Week is a chance to change that and raise awareness across the country.

It’s a chance to ‘shout out’ about the work you do on a daily basis and also a chance to celebrate and promote partnership working.

Licensing affects everyone, every day, and the campaign is an opportunity to raise awareness with the public - do they know that licensing matters whether they are jumping into a taxi, eating from a street trader, buying a pint or glass of wine, getting a tattoo, piercing or massage, buying a pet, gambling or giving to charity, camping, getting rid of scrap metal to visiting a casino or a strip club, partying at a festival or going to a night club, theatre or museum.

You can find out more by visiting: https://licensingweek.org/http://www.tenby-today.co.uk/article.cfm?id=125016&headline=Police%27s%20new%20county%20licensing%20officer%20highlights%20%27National%20Licensing%20Week%27&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019