Monday’s diary of a licensing lawyer…..

Finally have our IT people agree that I can bypass normal security for remote hearings – the next three are on Skype then Microsoft Teams and then Zoom. The last one was on Teams but anyone other than Council officers were only permitted to join by audio and the “live feed” had a lag of about 3 minutes.  Some consistency would be nice but at least no-one has suggested using House Party, Facebook or What’s App (yet!).

The next issue is a review (arising from an alleged breach of lock-down in a restaurant) where both the police and I (for the owner) need to refer to CCTV footage.  The police systems do not allow anything other than audio access so how is that going to work?

More and more people suddenly want to do deliveries/open off-licences – maybe all a bit late in the day but again, some LA’s are happy with minor variations, others are not.  Police happy with some but dead against others.  Some consistency would be nice (spot a developing theme?)

The last of the big outdoor events that I have licensed has now cancelled (or is it “postponed”?) until 2021 – the industry is seriously on its knees and unfortunately there is nothing but consistency with this theme……


Philip Day