What's happening?

Multi-agency visits

The Gambling Commission are keen to work with the IoL during NLW and local compliance officers are likely to be in contact with local authority officers to establish joint working locally.  The aim here is to publicise joint working via social media etc., as well as using the opportunity  to work in partnership.

Job Swaps

The full chorus of this song reads: “Before you abuse, criticise and accuse, walk a mile in my shoes.” So, as part of Licensing Awareness Week we are keen to offer opportunities for job swapping!

  • If you’re a council licensing officer, how about working for a day with an operator of licensed premises, or with one of the trade bodies – and see for yourself the challenges they face.
  • If you’re a bar manager or owner-operator, how about going on a licensing inspection visit with your local council licensing officer, or spend some time in the licensing department looking at how objections to a licensing application are handled.

Good operators don’t want rogue operators in their town or city centre – it spoils things for everybody. Conscientious licensing authorities want to work with good operators and the trade bodies that represent them. This is a golden opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of the other party and see the world through his or her eyes.

Interested?   If so, please email NLW@instituteoflicensing.org

Poster campaigns and photographs

There have been various local and national poster campaigns over the years, mostly aimed at raising awareness or influencing perceptions / behaviour.  We would like to use the licensing awareness week to use those posters through social media / websites, and through displaying in local offices throughout the country to resend those important messages.  If you have used poster campaigns in the past, please send your posters to us via NLW@instituteoflicensing.org and we will use them throughout the week and make them available to members to display locally.

Equally we would be delighted if members could send us images they have from their work locally.  This could include practically any area covered by licensing, and will be great to use via social media etc.